Beeing Eljest

Being Eljest doesn’t have to be a positive thing. You are different. Maybe you have a hard time fitting into a box. Or a context. A bit like trying to push a park bench through a keyhole. Deviating, is another word. But we say Eljest. And for us, it’s more than a way of being. It’s the eagerness to try new things. To dare. To make mistakes. To learn. To start over. It’s the ability to rediscover one’s surroundings. Finding new angles and perspectives. New ideas. To take a step back and put in the shovel in the ground a bit further away. To see the bigger picture. Finding alternative ways of doing things. Ways that can open other doors. Other possibilities.
For us, it is the core of everything we do. All we are. All we know. If you are looking for an advertising factory where communication is created according to an assembly line principle… well, then we are honestly not a good match.

Here we are Eljest. And damn proud of it.

Since it makes things more exciting – we travel along unknown routes

Our road doesn’t cut recklessly through the land. It moves with it. It rises, it falls and it curves.

Sometimes, it isn’t paved or even wide enough for regular vehicles to use. That’s why we never go regular. We go small, we go down and dirty if we need to, and, most of all, we always make sure we can go in an instant.

On our road, we don’t ever need to stop for traffic jams. We stop only for stunning sights, amazing hideaways… and every now and then we stop to check the map for another alternative rout that will lead us through new, unexplored territory.

Some say it’s scary not knowing what’s behind the next corner. We say that’s the only road worth taking.

Let’s go togeter.