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Different. In a good way.

Sometimes our customers need an illustrator. Sometimes a copywriter. Or UX designer.
We have none of that.
At the same time, we have just about everything.

We also have project managers, art directors, planners, creative directors and filmmakers.

We have simply given up on the need of flashy titles.

Instead, we are what some call renaissance people. But since we do not like to present ourselves so flashy (and because we are eljest) we prefer to call ourselves generalists.

Of course, all our employees have a greater aptitude for specific things. One may be better at making movies, another at coding. But the basic principle is simple: at Eljest, we are all people who are professionals in more than one area.

But how does that benefit you as a client?

To begin with, you get to work with people who understand the whole of your project, not just specific parts. It also means that you avoid lengthy meetings with far too many different faces, where you may wonder why half of them ar even in the room to begin with.

Instead, we offer our clients to work with us in small and tight project groups, where we are not afraid to ask each other for tips and good advice to achieve the best possible end result. It also gives us the opportunity to work more fast-paced in a world that requires an ever-increasing pace.

We simply do what is needed, whatever it may be.

And we have learned to do it our way. Without flashy titles.

Martin Mentell Widolf

Creative Director
0732-00 03 21

Sofi Widolf

Art Director & Illustrator
0732-40 15 02

Vi är Eljest.